Package jbars

Class Summary
Barcode Base class containing properties and methods commom to all barcode types.
Barcode128 Implements the code 128 and UCC/EAN-128.
Barcode93 Implements the code 93.
BarcodeGenerator CommandLine barcode image files generator.
BarcodeInter25 Implements the code interleaved 2 of 5.
BarcodeServlet Barcode generator servlet A servlet that creates PNG image of a barcode according to the parameters sent to a the servlet Mandatory HTTP parameters: barcodeType barcodeValue barcodeType Parameter Values: barcodeType: CODE128, CODE93 or INTERLEAVED2OF5 barcodeValue: Any text if code128 or code93, any integer number if interleaved2of5 sizeY: height in pixels of the image(default value: 50) rotation: angle to rotate the image: 0,90,180 or 270 barColor:color of the bars: black,green, etc textColor:color of the text: black,green, etc showText: Show the text true/false transparent: Use transparent background true/false alignment: Text alignment: CENTER, LEFT or RIGHT fontName: anme of the font, for example Helvetica fontSize:Font size fontStyle: Font style: BOLD, ITALIC or PLAIN A very basic form to post data to generate a barcode <form method="POST" action="/JBars/BarcodeServlet"> Barcode Type <input type="text" name="barcodeType" > <br> Text to encode: <input type="text" name="barcodeValue" > <br> Size Y(in pixels): <input type="text" name="sizeY" > <br> Rotation: <input type="text" name="rotation" > <br> Bar Color: <input type="text" name="barColor" > <br> showText: <input type="text" name="showText" > <br> fontName: <input type="text" name="fontName" > <br> fontSize: <input type="text" name="fontSize" > <br> fontStyle: <input type="text" name="fontStyle" > <br> transparent: <input type="text" name="transparent" > <br> alignment: <input type="text" name="alignment" > <br> <input type="submit" value="Generator Barcode">